Vernall – Fix

The unstoppable Vernall have released “Fix”, a mini epic, taking you on a journey through contemplative, meditative formalism to adrenalin rush in 3 1/2 minutes of joy

Vernall – Attic

The prolific Vernall’s latest release is “Attic”, a wonderfully understated piece featuring Gaelic vocals by Barbary Grant.

Los Pacaminos – new album

We’ve started recording the new (as yet untitled) Los Pacaminos album, and we’d better hurry up and finish it if we want to stick to the hectic one-album-per-decade schedule.

We’ve had four very fruitful and highly enjoyable days with Al Harle at the magnificent Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate. There will be more to come: I’ll keep you posted.

Vernall: “Wounded”

They’re unstoppable. Yet another new track from gloom-mongers Vernall.

Vernall release Freckle

The prolific Vernall have released their fourth single in three months. Taking us on a journey from contemplative to euphoric, it’s a mini-epic…!

Christmas With The Non-Nonconformists

Following 2020’s triple Christmas action (Jesuses’s Birthday, Socks and Christmas Breakdown), the Non-Nonconformists celebrate this year’s festering season with So Chritmassy…This Christmas

a reminder of 2020’s seasonal outpouring:

Adam Wilson Hunter

Following this year’s Hiding From The Crowd EP, I’ve been mixing two new songs for Adam Wilson Hunter. I’ll post the link when they’re released.

Further Consultancy for Riverstone

I’m continuing to consult for Riverstone, who provide exceptional retirement living in London.

I’ve been curating music for their public spaces.


I’ve been mixing two songs for US band Soraia, who are signed to Wicked Cool Records.

Sulo has recorded the two songs with them in Stockholm: one of his own, Firebrand, and a cover of The Knack’s 1979 classic My Sharona.

O-U-O by Vernall

New collective Vernall release their debut single O-U-O. An interesting and fun project for me.

More Non-Nonconformists

The steady stream of top-notch material from the Non-Nonconformists continues. I’m really enjoying mixing this stuff.

Riding The Skyways

Swedish stomp-merchants Velvet Insane release the third single/video from their album Rock & Roll Glitter Suit

Velvet Insane

Swedish glam-rockers Velvet Insane release their new album Rock n Roll Glitter Suit. Recorded in Sweden, I mixed the album in the UK, added a few parts and arrangements, and some backing vocals with the ever-excellent Aruhan Galieva. Very enjoyable.

The songs were written by the band and Sulo, who produced the album.

Adam Wilson Hunter

I’ve spent a very rewarding time mixing Adam Hunter’s latest oeuvre “Hiding From The Crowd”.

A lockdown project, but not a shit one, he’s collaborated with all sorts of muses all over the planet, and, remarkably, has achieved a production that sounds like it was all recorded with a band in the studio.

As always, it’s high-quality stuff from Adam.

Crystal Gale!

Sulo has been at it again.

He’s recorded a duet with Country legend Crystal Gale with a song of ours, Lonely Street Choir. Crystal, who was an absolute pleasure to work with, recorded her vocals with her producer Cristos Gatzimos in Nashville. Sulo recorded his vocal with Otto at Kingside Studio in Gnesta, Sweden. I’ve arranged, produced, mixed and mastered the track. Instruments were played by me, (the shockingly talented) Stefan Bellnäs, Chris Spedding and Mark Pinder. Additional backing vocals by Aruhan Galieva.

Podcast Theme for ARM

I’ve written the theme for ARM’s new series of podcasts “Beyond The Now”, which focus on IoT issues. The host is David Maidment, Director, Secure Device Ecosystem at ARM.

I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to write this music – especially as the brief essentially was to produce something that wasn’t naff…

You can hear the music in situ here.

More Non-Nonconformists

The Non-Nonconformists have released a follow-up single, Henley Regatta. Featuring their trademark razor-sharp lyrics and geniusly chaotic instrumentation, this might be the best of their tracks so far.

The Non-Nonconformists album

I’ve had a very entertaining time mixing a very original new album by the mercurial Non-Nonconformists: Confusement. check it out on Spotify:

More mastering for Delicasession

I always love mastering Delicasession’s tracks. I think it’s because they’re so good.

Here’s the latest: X2


I’m acting as Music Consultant for Riverstone, who provide exceptional retirement accommodation in London.

New Jay Tamkin tracks

I’ve been mixing new tracks by Jay Tamkin. He’s made videos for two tracks. There’ll be more coming…

Out of Sight – The Best of Hiding In Public

I’m really happy and privileged to have had the opportunity to revisit the Hiding In Public back catalogue, help curate this new collection, and recall every song to be re-mixed and receive additional instrumentation and vocals.

It’s been fantastic to work on these songs again, remind myself just how insanely high the bar was for those albums, and, inevitably, be inspired for the next Hiding In Public chapter.

HiP says:

After eight years of hibernation, Hiding in Public are releasing “Out of Sight”, a re-mixed collection of its best tracks. The album features fourteen hook-laced tunes from the band’s four albums of pop/rock magic which according to is “some of the best pop music recorded in the twenty-first century.”

“We had a blast revisiting our songs and trying to decide on the twelve best to put on the collection. We couldn’t but succeeded in narrowing it to fourteen tunes which makes for an incredible listening experience,” according to David Holland.

Not only were the songs re-mixed and mastered by Kevin Poree, some were retro-fitted with fresh lyrics, guitar magic and instrumentation. “We’re not afraid of the challenge of making our best songs better,” grinned Holland. “Fans will be delighted with the phenomenal sound Kevin captured in the new mixes.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of this album,” beamed Jamie Moses. “We’ve taken the cream of our crop and blended them into one incredibly catchy collection of songs. You know when a band puts fillers on an album? Well you won’t find any here. This really IS the best of HiP. So far.”

“The release of this album has been a fantastic opportunity to re-visit these wonderful songs,” explained Kevin Poree . “All the Hiding in Public material is a cut above. This Best of album, then, means something very special indeed: it’s the best of the best.”

Hiding in Public features the quirky, award winning tunes of songwriter David Holland, and the extraordinary guitar playing and silky, soulful singing of Jamie Moses. Jamie played second guitar to Brian May for over a decade and toured extensively with Queen + Paul Rodgers, Mike & the Mechanics, and Tom Jones. He is one of Britain’s busiest guitarists with a voice that demands attention. John Tonks on drums and Kevin Poree on bass and keyboards round out the band. Guest appearances include Matheson Bayley and his one man orchestra, and Melvin Duffy on pedal steel guitar. The album cover was photographed and designed by Martin Osner.

Hiding in Public “subscribes to the long lineage of British pop song craft, starting with the Beatles but also the Small Faces and Squeeze,” wrote Billboard and, “displays the same unaffected yet sophisticated leaning of its predecessors.” Their thought-provoking, quixotic songs are loaded with radio-friendly hooks and retro twists. “Anyone who ever loved classic radio pop from the 1970s and 1980s is bound to fall in love with these tracks,” enthused Exposure includes worldwide radio play, BBC radio performances, television use, and 1st Prize in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition for their song Worlds Away Yards Apart.

The album is available on all of the major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal.

Kikki Danielsson

I mixed a new single for Swedish legend Kikki Danielsson. “Selling The Old House” was written by Sulo, recorded at Soundcontrol by Ken Skoglund, and features veteran Swedish rock n’ roll band The Refreshments.

Iain and Frank McKay

It’s been lovely to work with old Berry Street Studio clients Iain and Frank McKay again, producing a contemporary take on some traditional Scottish songs. Recorded at Baker Street by Danny Monk.

Mastering for Maxdmyz

I’ve been mastering a few tracks for old friends Maxdmyz, who were recording in Northampton this Summer. As soon as there’s a release date, I’ll post it.

Cockney Rejects single – 40 Years Undefeated.

We’ve finished the new Cockney Rejects single, 40 Years Undefeated, a hard-hitting track with a tremendous hooky chorus.

I’ll let you know when it’s released. Meanwhile, it’s worth booking for their O2 gigs in December…

A new single for The Crunch

Sulo’s trip to the UK has seen us going into Baker Street to record a new single for The Crunch, Smoke and Mirrors. It was great to get back into the studio with these fellows…

Melodies and Motion

Melodies and Motion is a new album by our favourite genius Stuart Matthew Price, who I’ve been working with, on and off, for about 10 years.

This is an ambitious album of his own material, sung by various MT luminaries in various studios, all over the world.

We’ve been tracking the orchestra (made up of members of the London Musical Theatre Orchestra) at Master Chord Studio, engineered by Ronan Phelan, and editing at Baker Street with Danny Monk. The songs have tremendous orchestral arrangements by Charlie Ingles, and the conductor was Freddie Tapner.

Learn more about this project here.

London Children’s Ballet

I’ve been in the Phoenix Theatre with the team from Advision TV, who were filming the LCB’s 2019 production, Ballet Shoes. Working with Mark Watts, I swapped the MADI system I used last year for a Dante system with Lauten and Aston mics, and banks of Audient mic pres. Editing and mixing was done back in Canterbury.

Mick Geggus – Life After Lloyd

I’ve just attended the launch for Mick Geggus’ book Life After Lloyd, the story of Cockney Rejects, and of his friendship with Rejects bassist, the late Tony Van Frater. In turns hilarious, thought-provoking and deeply moving, it’s a tremendous book.

The Burning Of The Boats

Something unusual for me. I don’t generally get involved with live sound, but I was asked to provide some sound services for The Big Reveal‘s production of The Burning Of The Boats at Northbourne Park School. I set up the system, operated FOH, made SFX, and wrestled with the actors’ radio mics. None of this would have been possible without the excellent work of Mark Drew and Emile Porée.

The Clan

More recording at Baker Street with Danny Monk for Frank and Iain McKay, followed by a backing-vocal session and mixing in Canterbury.

Paul Goes To Hollywood

I’ve been recording voiceovers again with Paul Hollywood at Advision TV‘s studio.

Paul’s new series, Paul Goes To Hollywood, made by Denhams TV, sees him crossing the USA from NYC to LA on a custom motorcycle on a movie-themed road trip that ends up in …Hollywood…

More info here.

Breathless – The Glass Bead Game – CD Master

Following the vinyl master of The Glass Bead Game I made for Breathless earlier in the year, I’ve mastered the album for digital formats this week for immediate release.

The mastering was all analogue, using SSL compression, Neve 551 and Zähl EQ1 EQs.

Recording with Stiles and Drewe

I spent a great day in EC1 recording songs from Becoming Nancy for Stiles and Drewe.

As always, some breathtaking talent on display.

Steve Hamilton – Hamland

I’ve hugely enjoyed mastering Steve Hamilton‘s new album “Hamland”, which is one of the funkiest albums I’ve heard in a long time. Highly recommended for any fans of rare groove, funk, soul, jazz-funk, r’n’b and hip-hop.

I’ll post when there’s a release date for the album.

Re-Mastering Emerald Sabbath’s “Ninth Star”

I’ve re-mastered the Emerald Sabbath album “Ninth Star”. The original album was released last year. Two or three tracks have new mixes, and there are a couple of new vocals on this version of the album, which features many members of Black Sabbath.

Indecent Proposal

We’ve been recording, mixing and mastering songs from Dylan Schlosberg and Michael Conley’s new musical of Indecent Proposal. Tracking at Baker Street with Danny Monk, and mixing in Canterbury.

The Clan

Great to be working with Iain and Frank McKay again. They first came to Berry Street about fifteen years ago, and have been recording with me periodically since.

Their high-end function band, The Clan, specialises in rousing modern versions of traditional Scottish songs, together with contemporary covers.

Check out their YouTube page here.

Mixing Diamond Dogs

I’ve just mixed five songs for Diamond Dogs, the Swedish Rock band, for their upcoming LP, Recall Rock n Roll and the Magic Soul.

The songs were tracked at Strawberry Studios in Töreboda, mixed by me in Canterbury, and will join a collection of songs harvested from some of the band’s previous albums covering twenty years.

Synthax post article about my 2018 LCB recording.

Synthax Audio, one of the UK’s most respected pro-audio specialists, have posted an article about my recording of last year’s London Children’s Ballet production of The Canterville Ghost. It was the lead story of their New Year newsletter, and can be read here.

Aston release “Stealth” multi-voicing microphone.

I’m a member of an exclusive panel of “top producers, engineers, FOH guys and artists” who blind-listen to various iterations of microphones in development for innovative UK mic manufacturerAston, as a vital part of their R&D process.

Following this process, Aston have released a new multi-voicing mic, Stealth.

Aston Microphones has introduced a sleek new model: the Aston Stealth. This handsome unit is packed with features, including four switchable voices and a first-of-its kind autodetect function that senses phantom power.

The Stealth is a cardioid, broadcast-quality microphone that’s stage- and studio-ready. Aston is billing it as “the world’s most versatile microphone”, due in no small part to its many features:

Four voices

Developed by a panel of more than 90 audio engineers, the Stealth has four settings optimised for various functions:

  • V1 (Vocal): Best suited for male performers
  • V2 (Vocal): Best suited for female performers
  • G (Guitar): For all types of guitars
  • D (Dark): For a vintage feel, reminiscent of ribbon mics

The four signal paths of these voices are contour networks, not EQ filters. So most of the signal does not even pass through any filter circuitry. This stands in contrast to other mics that add pre-EQ to the signal, making professional post-production very tricky.

Phantom power autodetect function

The Stealth functions with or without phantom power. While in passive mode, the signal bypasses the active circuit to deliver a clean sound. However, the Stealth has a unique feature that, upon sensing 48-volt phantom power, automatically toggles over to the active mode to make use of the onboard preamp.

Class A mic preamp

When in active mode, the Stealth engages its built-in Class A mic preamp. Most active microphones use a single-ended preamp – it takes half of the wave from the capsule and keeps the other half grounded – but not the Stealth. This microphone amplifies both halves of the wave from capsule to output, delivering a better signal-to-noise performance.

More information at

Mastering Breathless’s 1986 album “The Glass Bead Game” for vinyl

a nice end-of-year project: mastering “The Glass Bead Game” for vinyl at Baker Street.

Originally released on vinyl in 1986, The Glass Bead Game was Breathless’s first album. The original masters were unavailable, so I used the subsequent CD master as the basis for this release. I judged that the audio was slightly harsh and unsympathetic, so the whole album has been re-balanced and sounds great.

The new version will be available on Tenor Vossa Records in the next couple of months.

Larz Kristerz “Det Gå Bra Nu” nominated for Grammy in Sweden

Congratulations to Larz Kristerz, whose album “Get Gå Bra Nu” has just been nominated for a Swedish Grammy.

The album was recorded in Sweden during January and February, and mixed by me in the UK in March of this year.

Thanks to Sulo Karlsson for involving me in the project.

Fanatical to open at The Playground Theatre on 14th November

“Fanatical – a sci-fi convention musical” is due to open this month at The Playground.

Over the last few years I’ve worked at various stages of this musical, which was developed by The Stable (of which I’m a board member).  – most recently recording a newly-cast Sophie Powles.

It’s a great show. Good luck to it!

You can get tickets here!



“Imaginary” is released on SimG Records

SimG have released “Imaginary” a live concert recording of the NYMT’s 2017 production, which I’ve edited, mixed and mastered during the first half of 2018.

Imaginary is a moving, funny and inspiring new musical about the wonder of childhood, and the struggle to hold on to that wonder as you grow up. Chaotic, open-hearted and imaginative Milo is Sam’s only friend. They do everything together. But as Sam’s first day at secondary school approaches, his mum is worried that the mischievous Milo is holding her son back, stopping him from growing up. School turns out to be full of surprises – and secrets. Can Sam and Milo’s friendship survive in this new world, where a painful revelation threatens to change their lives forever?


With book & lyrics by

Timothy Knapman

and music & lyrics by

Stuart Matthew Price, Imaginary

was commissioned, produced and performed by the National Youth Music Theatre at The Other Palace, London, in August 2017. Direction was by

Shaun Kerrison,

choreography by

Anthony Whiteman

and musical direction / orchestrations by

Charlie Ingles.


Since 1976 the award-winning National Youth Music Theatre has represented the very best in work with young people in musical theatre, leading Andrew Lloyd Webber to describe it as “the best youth music theatre in the world”.


The NYMT is a small arts charity (registered educational charity number 281159) with no core funding and relies upon participants’ fees, ticket sales from productions and income generated through fundraising. Profits from the sale of


will go directly to them in order to continue providing opportunities for future stars for years to come.



  • Overture
  • Imaginary
    Tom Price, Josh Gottlieb, Haroun Al Jeddal & Full Company
  • The Last Day Of Summer
    Jade Oswald & Josh Gottlieb
  • The Best
    Chloe Twigg, Arran Ryder, Haroun Al Jeddal, Rhiannon Bailey, Luke Hogan, Bill Stanley, Dominic Bryant, Zoe Troy & Isabella Li-Yan-Hui
  • Upgrade Time
    Robin Franklin, Elsa Waterfield, Billy Nevers, Ella Thomas, Ciaran O’Brien & Full Company
  • The Headmaster’s Office
    Full Company
  • She Played Guitar
    Lizzie Wells & Robin Simoes Da Silva
  • The Adventurers’ Code
    Josh Gottlieb & Lizzie Wells
  • It’s Your Time
    Toby Turpin & Aya Benyahya, Sadie Hurst, Phoebe Poulter-Kerry
  • Entr’acte/ Imaginary Land
    Toby Turpin & Full Company
  • Those Were The Days
    Billy Nevers, Elsa Waterfield, Ella Thomas & Ciaran O’Brien
  • All The Fun You Had
    Oliver Adams, Jade Oswald, Tom Price & Josh Gottlieb
  • The Headmaster’s Soliloquy
    Robin Franklin, Ben Pulford, Freya Alexander & Company
  • Oogie Boogie Woogie
    Oliver Adams, Toby Turpin & Full Company
  • The Final Upgrade
    Robin Franklin, Elsa Waterfield, Josh Gottlieb, Tom Price & Toby Turpin
  • You’ll Find Me There
    Tom Price, Josh Gottlieb, Lizzie Wells & Full Company
  • Playout

Released 1st October 2018 – Catalogue No: SimGR-CD034

Forget The Down release Faith Hope and Love

London’s Forget The Down have released Faith, Hope and Love – an EP I recorded, mixed and mastered in the first half of 2018.

True to form, it’s a cracking EP: recorded at Baker Street, Emeline Studios and RYP.

Brilliant Outsiders to be released on Cargo Records

Brilliant Outsiders, the album of duets which Sulo and I created in 2016, is having another lease of life after its disastrous initial release by Universal. Cargo records is releasing it as part of a two-album package with Nightshift, Sulo’s latest album.

Brilliant Outsiders features duets with Bellamy Brothers, Chris Spedding, Clare Teal, Idde Schultz, Janis Ian, Kikki Danielsson, Linda Gail Lewis, Los Pacaminos, Maria McKee, Paul Brady, Paul Young, Rissi Palmer, Sam Gleaves, and Terry Reid.

Los Pacaminos was the house-band for the album. It was co-written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by me, and I contributed a lot of playing on various instruments, as well as some backing vocals. It’s a great album, and deserves better luck than it has had.

Sulo is performing at Camden’s Dublin Castle on 21st November to promote the album.


I’ve been mastering “Nightshift”, Sulo’s new album, which was recorded by Otto at Kingside Studios, Sweden

Los Pacaminos – Viva! is released

Los Pacaminos have released their live album, Viva!, on Recado Records. I edited, mixed and mastered the album, which was recorded in Harrogate in 2017. We were very keen to make sure that the energy of the performances made it onto the album, and it’s gratifying to see that the early reviews all mention this aspect.

Available from all the usual suspects.


Dulcie May Moreno

I’m very happy to have mastered the Dulcie May Quintet album, which was recorded and mixed at Anchor Baby Recordings. Dulcie and the band have delivered some tremendous performances on this.

The New Deal – Life On The Island. Press release.

After the buzz of Canning Town Beach, Sulo, Jeff and I spent a great couple of days recording the next New Deal song, Life on the Island, with Ian at Emeline Studio in Whitstable on the 18th & 19th July. We followed this up with a day out in Dymchurch, where we enjoyed the beach, bumper cars, the ghost train, & filmed some footage for the video.

Jacob Lewis made easy work of the violin and viola parts, while Canterbury music legend Richard Navarro added some excellent trumpet. Apart from Sulo’s acoustic guitar, the rest of the instruments were handled by me, and I also made the video. I’m not sure it’s something I want to do again. There will be a physical release through Misty Records.

Los Pacaminos – Live album

We’ve been having too much fun editing and mixing the recordings made at Warehouse in Harrogate last September. The new Pacs live album and video is set for release this Summer.

Forget The Down – tracking for new album & EP

Following last year’s EPs, Circles, and the Procrastinator EP, I’ve been working with Simon Millar from veteran indie band Forget The Down on new material for 2018 release. I realise that I’ve been working with them since 2003.

We’ve been tracking drums and vocals at Emeline Studio, Whitstable, with Ian Sadler; strings at Baker Street with Danny Monk, bass in Canterbury, and we’re due to track electric guitars and to mix at Baker Street over the next month.





Over the last few months I’ve mixed three tracks for Canterbury artists Riches, featuring Richard Navarro and Nicholas Thurston.

The first single, For The Moment, was released in late April, and is currently receiving good radio play.

Two more, Winner and Let Them Fall, are scheduled for release over the next few months



Emma and the Fragments release Sanity

Emma and the Fragments have released a 6-track EP (mini-album?), Sanity. 

Recorded in September 2017 in Baker Street, I mixed it in Canterbury, & they’ve subsequently made lovely videos fo the songs.

Larz Kristerz – Det Gå Bra Nu

Thanks to Sulo Karlsson, who recommended me for the job, I’ve had a huge amount of fun spending the end of February and much of March mixing this great album by Swedish band Larz Kristerz.

Recorded by Sven Lindvall at Strawberry Studios and Otto Welton at Kingside Studio in Sweden, it’s all killer & no filler.

The first single, Som en pilsner i juni, is due for release on 1st June.

Emerald Sabbath

A very entertaining day yesterday. I went over to Gospel Oak Studio in Warwickshire, run by the splendid Baz Bayliss, to meet Mad Mike 666, and hear about the progress of his Emerald sabbath project. The album is a re-working of various Sabbath songs, with a rich line-up consisting of various ex-Sabbath members, and input from Sabbath designers, producers, engineers, etc. Back in 2016 I worked on the track Supertzar, with Terry Chimes drumming at Emeline Studios, Whitstable.

Here’s me with Neil Murray, Mike Exeter, Mad Mike 666 and Bev Bevan.


Tony Van Frater

I’m really pleased to have finished mixing the album that Tony Van Frater was working on when he tragically died last year.

Locating and collating all the files, and finishing off the last few bits of tracking has been done piecemeal over the last few months. Thanks to Micky Geggus, who’s been the driving-force behind getting this project finished, which now stands as a testament to Tony.

Imaginary – Live Cast Album

Imaginary is a new musical by Stuart Matthew Price and Timothy Knapman, commissioned by National Youth Music Theatre and premiered at The Other Palace in August 2017.

I’ve been editing and mixing the live recordings made by Danny Monk for the Live Cast Album. Release TBA.

Stiles and Drewe – Soap Dish

A real treat to spend a great few days recording and mixing new versions of songs for Stiles and Drewe’s Soap Dish, which is set to have its premiere in London in 2018. The recordings were made in London and in New York.

Lovely to be working with two of my favourite people again.

Sulo’s Full English

Sulo has released an album of new material “Sulo’s Full English” on Cargo Records. Packed full of excellent songs, it sounds like a slice of early/mid-seventies English rock.

The drums, bass, acoustic guitar and lead vocals were recorded in Sweden, and keys, electric guitars, lap- and pedal-steel, brass, BVs etc etc were arranged and added by me at various places in the UK over the course of 2017. Electric guitars by Chris Parks, Jamie Moses, Guy Bailey and Chris Spedding. Keys, violin and sax by Matheson Bayley, BVs by Rachael Willment. Lap- and pedal-steel by Melvin Duffy. I’ve also played electric guitar, percussion, keys, mandolin and sung BVs.

Reviews have been excellent:

etc etc

Emma and the Fragments – tracking & mixing September 2017

I’ve been recording a new EP’s-worth of material with Emma and the Fragments.

Recorded at Baker St Studio with Danny Monk, it was mixed & mastered at home – SSL all the way for recording and mixing.

There’s a taster video made by Doug Rimmington here.

Adam Wilson Hunter – new releases

Adam Wilson Hunter has released three EPs simultaneously, representing three distinct projects.

Always a unique pleasure to work with Adam, I recorded, mixed and mastered much of this material back in February.


Aston Microphones

Last year I took part in a series of blind listening tests for Aston Microphones, which led to the development of their new Starlight small-diaphragm condenser microphone.

I’m very proud to be part of the development panel – “the top audio professionals in the industry”. If only all manufacturers consulted a pool of their potential end-users during the R&D process, we’d get better audio…


I’m on the Advisory Board of The Stable, an organisation that commissions, develops and produces original musical theatre.

We’ve just spent a couple of days reading Wigmaker, a new musical in development by Douglas Hodge and Bryony Lavery at Jerwood Space. The second day included a reading to potential partners. The cast was truly A-List, and it was fascinating to see what they brought to the text. I was recording a few songs, and operating a bit of playback.

I first worked on some of this material over three years ago, and it’s already attracted a certain amount of press:


Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

I’ve been recording Paul Hollywood’s voiceover for the BBC2 series “Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip” for Advision TV in their Canterbury studio.

Cartscon 2017

I’m an Industry Discussion Panel member for this year’s Cartscon. The theme was “How Can Art Change Society?” An informed and lively discussion.

The New Deal

The New Deal is a new project: Sulo, Jeff Turner (Cockney Rejects) are writing and singing: I’m producing, arranging & playing instruments. We’ve just had a very good couple of days in Emeline Studios in Whitstable, with Ian behind the desk.

This will feature all of us as you’ve never heard us before. As you’d expect with Sulo’s involvement, there are some great songs.

Watch this space.

Solar Flare Remix

Last year I mixed and mastered Kirsten Morrison’s album Prosperine’s Gold for Micro Spiral.

I’ve just done a remix of one of the album’s standout tracks, Solar Flare, for an upcoming album of remixes. Release date TBC.


Cockney Rejects – Chapecoense

Cockney Rejects have released “Chapecoense”, a portuguese-language adaptation of last year’s “Goodbye Upton Park”. All proceeds will go towards the dependants of the victims of the Chapecoense tragedy. We tracked the vocals at Emeline Studios in Whitstable. I’ve produced, mixed and mastered the track.


Dave Castell – Piano Album

It’s been a long time coming – we first recorded this material in 2014 – but I’ve finally mixed and mastered Dave Castell’s Piano Album, and it’s been released on Furlongs Media. Some beautiful songs on this – just piano and vocals. I’m very happy with the material, and with my input.

Shag Nasty

Rob Godfrey has turned detective and found some unreleased Shag Nasty material on 2″ tape. He’s had a transfer done, and I’ve managed to mix and master a single out of it!

Bumblescratch – Live!

The Gala Performance of Robert J Sherman’s Bumblescratch took place on 4th September, with a great cast. I recorded the show & mixed and mastered the recordings in stereo and 5:1 for video, which was shot by Advision TV.


Cheryl Baker releases EP of Joni Mitchell songs

I’ve been mixing and mastering a Cheryl Baker EP of Joni Mitchell songs, with a second EP and album planned for late 2017. Produced by Jamie Moses, who’s provided multi-instrumental skills.

Wind In The Willows

I’ve been mixing a couple of tracks for publicity on Wind In The Willows. The show, by Stiles and Drewe and Julian Fellowes is scheduled for the London Palladium this summer.

I’ve been a minor cog in the Wind In The Willows machine from the beginning, having recorded various versions of songs, and read-throughs, at Berry Street and on location. The current recordings are from Angel Studios .