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The New Deal – Life On The Island. Press release.

After the buzz of Canning Town Beach, Sulo, Jeff and I spent a great couple of days recording the next New Deal song, Life on the Island, with Ian at Emeline Studio in Whitstable on the 18th & 19th July. We followed this up with a day out in Dymchurch, where we enjoyed the beach, bumper cars, the ghost train, & filmed some footage for the video.

Jacob Lewis made easy work of the violin and viola parts, while Canterbury music legend Richard Navarro added some excellent trumpet. Apart from Sulo’s acoustic guitar, the rest of the instruments were handled by me, and I also made the video. I’m not sure it’s something I want to do again. There will be a physical release through Misty Records.

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Los Pacaminos – Live album

We’ve been having too much fun editing and mixing the recordings made at Warehouse in Harrogate last September. The new Pacs live album and video is set for release this Summer.

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Forget The Down – tracking for new album & EP

Following last year’s EPs, Circles, and the Procrastinator EP, I’ve been working with Simon Millar from veteran indie band Forget The Down on new material for 2018 release. I realise that I’ve been working with them since 2003.

We’ve been tracking drums and vocals at Emeline Studio, Whitstable, with Ian Sadler; strings at Baker Street with Danny Monk, bass in Canterbury, and we’re due to track electric guitars and to mix at Baker Street over the next month.



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Over the last few months I’ve mixed three tracks for Canterbury artists Riches, featuring Richard Navarro and Nicholas Thurston.

The first single, For The Moment, was released in late April, and is currently receiving good radio play.

Two more, Winner and Let Them Fall, are scheduled for release over the next few months



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Emma and the Fragments release Sanity

Emma and the Fragments have released a 6-track EP (mini-album?), Sanity. 

Recorded in September 2017 in Baker Street, I mixed it in Canterbury, & they’ve subsequently made lovely videos fo the songs.

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Larz Kristerz – Det Gå Bra Nu

Thanks to Sulo Karlsson, who recommended me for the job, I’ve had a huge amount of fun spending the end of February and much of March mixing this great album by Swedish band Larz Kristerz.

Recorded by Sven Lindvall at Strawberry Studios and Otto Welton at Kingside Studio in Sweden, it’s all killer & no filler.

The first single, Som en pilsner i juni, is due for release on 1st June.

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Emerald Sabbath

A very entertaining day yesterday. I went over to Gospel Oak Studio in Warwickshire, run by the splendid Baz Bayliss, to meet Mad Mike 666, and hear about the progress of his Emerald sabbath project. The album is a re-working of various Sabbath songs, with a rich line-up consisting of various ex-Sabbath members, and input from Sabbath designers, producers, engineers, etc. Back in 2016 I worked on the track Supertzar, with Terry Chimes drumming at Emeline Studios, Whitstable.

Here’s me with Neil Murray, Mike Exeter, Mad Mike 666 and Bev Bevan.


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Tony Van Frater

I’m really pleased to have finished mixing the album that Tony Van Frater was working on when he tragically died last year.

Locating and collating all the files, and finishing off the last few bits of tracking has been done piecemeal over the last few months. Thanks to Micky Geggus, who’s been the driving-force behind getting this project finished, which now stands as a testament to Tony.

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Imaginary – Live Cast Album

Imaginary is a new musical by Stuart Matthew Price and Timothy Knapman, commissioned by National Youth Music Theatre and premiered at The Other Palace in August 2017.

I’ve been editing and mixing the live recordings made by Danny Monk for the Live Cast Album. Release TBA.

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Stiles and Drewe – Soap Dish

A real treat to spend a great few days recording and mixing new versions of songs for Stiles and Drewe’s Soap Dish, which is set to have its premiere in London in 2018. The recordings were made in London and in New York.

Lovely to be working with two of my favourite people again.

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Sulo’s Full English

Sulo has released an album of new material “Sulo’s Full English” on Cargo Records. Packed full of excellent songs, it sounds like a slice of early/mid-seventies English rock.

The drums, bass, acoustic guitar and lead vocals were recorded in Sweden, and keys, electric guitars, lap- and pedal-steel, brass, BVs etc etc were arranged and added by me at various places in the UK over the course of 2017. Electric guitars by Chris Parks, Jamie Moses, Guy Bailey and Chris Spedding. Keys, violin and sax by Matheson Bayley, BVs by Rachael Willment. Lap- and pedal-steel by Melvin Duffy. I’ve also played electric guitar, percussion, keys, mandolin and sung BVs.

Reviews have been excellent:

etc etc

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Emma and the Fragments – tracking & mixing September 2017

I’ve been recording a new EP’s-worth of material with Emma and the Fragments.

Recorded at Baker St Studio with Danny Monk, it was mixed & mastered at home – SSL all the way for recording and mixing.

There’s a taster video made by Doug Rimmington here.

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Adam Wilson Hunter – new releases

Adam Wilson Hunter has released three EPs simultaneously, representing three distinct projects.

Always a unique pleasure to work with Adam, I recorded, mixed and mastered much of this material back in February.


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Aston Microphones

Last year I took part in a series of blind listening tests for Aston Microphones, which led to the development of their new Starlight small-diaphragm condenser microphone.

I’m very proud to be part of the development panel – “the top audio professionals in the industry”. If only all manufacturers consulted a pool of their potential end-users during the R&D process, we’d get better audio…

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I’m on the Advisory Board of The Stable, an organisation that commissions, develops and produces original musical theatre.

We’ve just spent a couple of days reading Wigmaker, a new musical in development by Douglas Hodge and Bryony Lavery at Jerwood Space. The second day included a reading to potential partners. The cast was truly A-List, and it was fascinating to see what they brought to the text. I was recording a few songs, and operating a bit of playback.

I first worked on some of this material over three years ago, and it’s already attracted a certain amount of press:


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The New Deal

The New Deal is a new project: Sulo, Jeff Turner (Cockney Rejects) are writing and singing: I’m producing, arranging & playing instruments. We’ve just had a very good couple of days in Emeline Studios in Whitstable, with Ian behind the desk.

This will feature all of us as you’ve never heard us before. As you’d expect with Sulo’s involvement, there are some great songs.

Watch this space.

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Solar Flare Remix

Last year I mixed and mastered Kirsten Morrison’s album Prosperine’s Gold for Micro Spiral.

I’ve just done a remix of one of the album’s standout tracks, Solar Flare, for an upcoming album of remixes. Release date TBC.


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Cockney Rejects – Chapecoense

Cockney Rejects have released “Chapecoense”, a portuguese-language adaptation of last year’s “Goodbye Upton Park”. All proceeds will go towards the dependants of the victims of the Chapecoense tragedy. We tracked the vocals at Emeline Studios in Whitstable. I’ve produced, mixed and mastered the track.


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Dave Castell – Piano Album

It’s been a long time coming – we first recorded this material in 2014 – but I’ve finally mixed and mastered Dave Castell’s Piano Album, and it’s been released on Furlongs Media. Some beautiful songs on this – just piano and vocals. I’m very happy with the material, and with my input.

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Shag Nasty

Rob Godfrey has turned detective and found some unreleased Shag Nasty material on 2″ tape. He’s had a transfer done, and I’ve managed to mix and master a single out of it!

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Bumblescratch – Live!

The Gala Performance of Robert J Sherman’s Bumblescratch took place on 4th September, with a great cast. I recorded the show & mixed and mastered the recordings in stereo and 5:1 for video, which was shot by Advision TV.


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Cheryl Baker releases EP of Joni Mitchell songs

I’ve been mixing and mastering a Cheryl Baker EP of Joni Mitchell songs, with a second EP and album planned for late 2017. Produced by Jamie Moses, who’s provided multi-instrumental skills.

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Wind In The Willows

I’ve been mixing a couple of tracks for publicity on Wind In The Willows. The show, by Stiles and Drewe and Julian Fellowes is scheduled for the London Palladium this summer.

I’ve been a minor cog in the Wind In The Willows machine from the beginning, having recorded various versions of songs, and read-throughs, at Berry Street and on location. The current recordings are from Angel Studios .