Brilliant Outsiders, the album of duets which Sulo and I created in 2016, is having another lease of life after its disastrous initial release by Universal. Cargo records is releasing it as part of a two-album package with Nightshift, Sulo’s latest album.

Brilliant Outsiders features duets with Bellamy Brothers, Chris Spedding, Clare Teal, Idde Schultz, Janis Ian, Kikki Danielsson, Linda Gail Lewis, Los Pacaminos, Maria McKee, Paul Brady, Paul Young, Rissi Palmer, Sam Gleaves, and Terry Reid.

Los Pacaminos was the house-band for the album. It was co-written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by me, and I contributed a lot of playing on various instruments, as well as some backing vocals. It’s a great album, and deserves better luck than it has had.

Sulo is performing at Camden’s Dublin Castle on 21st November to promote the album.