SimG have released “Imaginary” a live concert recording of the NYMT’s 2017 production, which I’ve edited, mixed and mastered during the first half of 2018.

Imaginary is a moving, funny and inspiring new musical about the wonder of childhood, and the struggle to hold on to that wonder as you grow up. Chaotic, open-hearted and imaginative Milo is Sam’s only friend. They do everything together. But as Sam’s first day at secondary school approaches, his mum is worried that the mischievous Milo is holding her son back, stopping him from growing up. School turns out to be full of surprises – and secrets. Can Sam and Milo’s friendship survive in this new world, where a painful revelation threatens to change their lives forever?


With book & lyrics by

Timothy Knapman

and music & lyrics by

Stuart Matthew Price, Imaginary

was commissioned, produced and performed by the National Youth Music Theatre at The Other Palace, London, in August 2017. Direction was by

Shaun Kerrison,

choreography by

Anthony Whiteman

and musical direction / orchestrations by

Charlie Ingles.


Since 1976 the award-winning National Youth Music Theatre has represented the very best in work with young people in musical theatre, leading Andrew Lloyd Webber to describe it as “the best youth music theatre in the world”.


The NYMT is a small arts charity (registered educational charity number 281159) with no core funding and relies upon participants’ fees, ticket sales from productions and income generated through fundraising. Profits from the sale of


will go directly to them in order to continue providing opportunities for future stars for years to come.



  • Overture
  • Imaginary
    Tom Price, Josh Gottlieb, Haroun Al Jeddal & Full Company
  • The Last Day Of Summer
    Jade Oswald & Josh Gottlieb
  • The Best
    Chloe Twigg, Arran Ryder, Haroun Al Jeddal, Rhiannon Bailey, Luke Hogan, Bill Stanley, Dominic Bryant, Zoe Troy & Isabella Li-Yan-Hui
  • Upgrade Time
    Robin Franklin, Elsa Waterfield, Billy Nevers, Ella Thomas, Ciaran O’Brien & Full Company
  • The Headmaster’s Office
    Full Company
  • She Played Guitar
    Lizzie Wells & Robin Simoes Da Silva
  • The Adventurers’ Code
    Josh Gottlieb & Lizzie Wells
  • It’s Your Time
    Toby Turpin & Aya Benyahya, Sadie Hurst, Phoebe Poulter-Kerry
  • Entr’acte/ Imaginary Land
    Toby Turpin & Full Company
  • Those Were The Days
    Billy Nevers, Elsa Waterfield, Ella Thomas & Ciaran O’Brien
  • All The Fun You Had
    Oliver Adams, Jade Oswald, Tom Price & Josh Gottlieb
  • The Headmaster’s Soliloquy
    Robin Franklin, Ben Pulford, Freya Alexander & Company
  • Oogie Boogie Woogie
    Oliver Adams, Toby Turpin & Full Company
  • The Final Upgrade
    Robin Franklin, Elsa Waterfield, Josh Gottlieb, Tom Price & Toby Turpin
  • You’ll Find Me There
    Tom Price, Josh Gottlieb, Lizzie Wells & Full Company
  • Playout

Released 1st October 2018 – Catalogue No: SimGR-CD034